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Riverbend Condominium Riverbend Condominium
Riverbend Condominium
* Parking Lots

From Rules & Regulations: Section 11
  • The maximum speed limit in the parking lot is 5 MPH.
  • Parking spaces shall not be used for any purpose other than to park motor vehicles in accordance with the Rules & Regulations.
  • Each private passenger, non-commercial type vehicle shall be parked in a single, marked parking space.
  • Parking shall not block sidewalks, travel ways, or other vehicles.
  • Overnight parking hours are from 11 PM to 7 AM. As a general rule, commercial and recreational vehicles, such as trailers, campers, boats, large trucks, and vans are prohibited from overnight parking without prior written consent from the Board. An exception is made during move in and move out periods of up to two nights.
  • Automobile repairs, except for emergency roadside services, are prohibited.
  • Vehicles shall not be parked containing a conspicuous “For Sale” sign.
  • Storage of inoperable or unregistered vehicles is prohibited. All vehicles must have current, active plates/tags displayed.
  • Vehicles parked in violation of these rules shall be towed at the expense of the owner.
In addition to the Rules & Regulations:
  • For moving purposes only, portable storage units may be parked in a single, marked parking space for up to two nights, given that written consent from the Board is obtained prior to delivery.
  • Vehicles without legally issued Disabled Parking Placards or Plates shall not be parked in spaces designated as such.  
  • The Board or Property Management Company has the authority to have towed any vehicle parked in violation of these Rules & Regulations. The vehicle owner or corresponding unit owner shall indemnify the Association for any fees and expenses incurred as a result.
  • The Board or Property Management Company has the authority to place a warning notice directly on any vehicle in violation of these Rules & Regulations. This will serve as a final notice, that the subject vehicle will be towed within 72 hours if not moved into compliance. Vehicles parked in the grass, travel ways, obstructing fire hydrants, or illegally parked may be towed without advance notice.
  • Owners of vehicles towed, pursuant to the above, shall hold harmless the Association, the Board, and the Property Management Company for any damages or losses that may occur.  
  • For additional information, please see the Parking Rules
The Towing Company used at Riverbend is:
Tommy Shull's Towing
Address: 1815 Avon Street Ext, Charlottesville, VA 22902
Open 24 hours
Phone: (434) 295-6637